The Catalyst
The Catalyst
Funding & Support

CatCave9 is self-sustaining thanks to our lovely audiences.

The Blue Butterfly Project is supported principally by a Swiss National Science Foundation AGORA grant for science engagement with the public - “The Catalyst: Science on Stage.” 

The Pôle d’Expression Théâtrale at EPFL and all of its component sponsors (Agepoly, FAE, EPFL) backed the launch of our group and have continued to back us since 2013 with financial aid, technical support, and advising for both Puppet Theories (2013) and An Enemy of the People (2014). They also kindly helped support Blue Butterfly. We appreciate their continued support of The Catalyst!

We thank the Center for Integrative Genomics and the UNIL for housing our weekly meetings and for providing administrative services.

If YOU love the cross-section of science and theater as much as we do, and you'd like to support our work, please contact us at thecatalyst AT !