French-English Improv Workshop

In collaboration with the French improv group Pool d’Impro du Poly (PIP), The Catalyst organised a day-long bilingual improv workshop with aims to increase collaboration between university theatre groups.

The workshop, held on the 21st May 2017 on EPFL campus, welcomed members of the PIP (, L’HeiDi ( and The Catalyst ( to expand their skill set in improvisational theatre. In total 16 people were in attendance.

The organisers would like to thank again the three leads, Robin Nigon, Mark Venning-Slater and Charles Mullon, for hosting sessions on the respective themes of, intra-group dynamics, scene work and character work. They were all very well received!

Thanks also to the attendees for their enthusiastic participation, and delicious contributions to the pot-luck lunch.

A similar collaborative event will be held during July’s Wednesday drop-ins, which are to be lead by Elliott. To express interest in this, or future workshops, do contact Elliott or The Catalyst at:

Thank you again and until next time!

Elliott and Robin

Workshop Organisers