Music in Improv: 4 session workshop

This four-week long workshop is all about music in improv: singing and the interplay between music and acting. The course was compiled, developed and first held by Alex Seeholzer as part of The Catalyst’s weekly drop-in improv classes, with help from the amazing improv-pianist Samuel Muscinelli.

The full curriculum is available here.

Please feel free to use and distribute the curriculum – if you do, accreditation would be appreciated. If you need more detailed descriptions of some sections, don’t hesitate to contact me. Classes marked by asterisks below (*) will involve singing – this does not mean that you have to be able to sing well, so don’t be afraid to attend. In fact, bad singing in comedy improv can sometimes be more fun to watch than perfect pitch! The only thing that matters is your dedication.

Held by Alex Seeholzer at The Catalyst Drop-In