Improv workshops by Terje Brevik

The Catalyst is excited to welcome Terje Brevik (Impro Neuf, Oslo)! He will hold two workshops: “Characters, advance the scene!” and “Longform improv” on March 17 and 18!

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Terje is the artistic director of Impro Neuf ( Norway’s largest and most inclusive improv community) for the last three years. He has a Drama and theater communication (drama pedagogy) degree, an extensive teaching and performing experience in improv as well as clowning, mask work and storytelling. His main focus is creating a safe environment for the group by building trust. When trust has been established the participants are able to explore, celebrate failure and learn.

Last year Terje was the head of the first Oslo Impro Festival, where they had 20+ teams from several countries performing, a 12-hour live-streamed marathon and guest workshops with Stacey Smith (iO and ImprovBoston), Craig Uhlir (iO) and Shawn Kinley (Loose Moose). It was a blast!

Sat. 17.03.18 – “Characters! Advance the scene!” @ 13:00 – 17.30

This two part workshop will delve into character work and how to advance a scene.

Characters are fun to play with and a great tool to make life as an improvisor easier. In addition, being able to play anyone or anything is a freedom only improv can provide! This part will provide you with a set of tools that let you build characters based on your unique experiences as a person as well as from inspiration from your partner or team.

Scenes and scene-work can sometimes feel like walking in glue, when you should be having the best time of your life. Improv is all about exploration, discovery and having fun, together! Through different exercises we’ll go through various ways of pushing a scene forward, without worrying about plot, narrative, relationship, environment etc. Again, let’s make our world easier and more fun!

Sun. 18.03.18 – “Longform improv” @ 13:00 – 18:00

Longform improv, also known as organic improv, is less about rules and more about exploration. Where you’d have a director and a set of game rules in shortform improv, longform removes the director completely and let the group mind figure out what journey it is, and where it’s going. There is only one mind, and that is the one of the group mind. If your improv experience is shortform, let this workshop show you what’s behind door number two! (Hint: It’s a whole new world!)