The Catalyst @ swissnex India’s ScienceComm’18, Bangalore

We are proud to announce that two of our members are invited to present at swissnex India’s conference ScienceComm18 on September 27 in Bangalore1. Additionally, both will attend SciComm panels at NCBS on the 26th of September and at NIAS on the 28th of September.

Feel free to approach either Adria LeBoeuf or Samuel Lagier during the conference or the , to get to know more about our activities.

At swissnex, you’ll be able to hear both of them present in their session entitled: 
Learning while laughing: Transforming science and scientists through play

The Catalyst trains scientists to be better communicators and create new entertainment for the public about science. In this session you’ll learn how complex scientific concepts can be communicated through the arts and you’ll get to do some learning while laughing as Adria and Sam introduce you to how improvisation can be used to facilitate creativity, collaboration and communication.


  1. this is definitely a distance-traveled record for the association

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