Travel Grants

The Catalyst provides some funding for members who are representing The Catalyst at a science-communication conference or event. If you wish to apply for a travel grant, please send details of your request to thecatalyst AT

What qualifies an event for funding?

  • The topic of the event is in agreement with The Catalyst’s mission statement
  • You will be representing and promoting The Catalyst and/or The Catalyst’s work at this event, by presenting a talk, at a stand/poster, etc.
  • You will be bringing back your experience to the Catalyst and will present it in a short presentation, a class or a written report
  • You should tell us why you are the best person to do this
  • The event is in the future

Example events are for instance: ScienceComm, Ecsite, ESOF. In some cases, for example, events that are particularly costly, you are expected to seek co-funding as well.

The board must agree on providing funding, and each case will be decided individually contingent on cost, financial reserves, the event and the individual.