Exposure 2016: Roundup of the Science Film Hackathon

The much anticipated Exposure Science Film Hackathon took place this month and produced 9 amazing films. 36 participants worked for 3 days to create films on time, emergent properties and bacteria. The films were judged by a panel of experts on Sunday 4th December and two groups were awarded the jury prize:

Carbon Capture Storage by Cut it out

and Quorum sensing by Self organised

Three days later the films wre shown at Cinema Cityclub in Pully and once more the two top films could not be separated! The audience voted and with exactly the same number of votes each the winners were:

Quorum sensing by Self organised

and Better together by Ka.os

The cinema was almost at capacity and the films were universally loved. All films will be available online in the coming week or two (see exposurehackathon.com).

Thanks to all the people who came to the shows, all the people who supported the event and all the participants. We are already planning Exposure 2017!!