Drop-in improv sessions @ Campus Biotech, Geneva

Our weekly drop-in improv sessions are a great opportunity to develop your free-speech, spontaneity, and self-confidence, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Next to weekly sessions at CERN and in Lausanne, The Catalyst now also offers you the chance to try improv at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, with help from the SDG solution space!

Hear what Afroditi and Arthur from the SDG solution space have to say about our drop-in sessions:

Afroditi: “The SDG Solution Space, as a creative place for makers and innovators to foster their innovative cells, welcomes actors and entities that actively contribute to create a community for education and  sustainability.  As part of a wider community within the Campus Biotech Innovation Park and the Social Campus Biotech Association, we share the same vision of boosting interactions between different kind of organisations that will make innovation and SDG education happen. 
The Catalyst improv sessions was one of those initiatives missing in our space, as a way to effectively communicate, while socialising and having fun improvising. Especially for the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative Master students in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability, the sessions provide a perfect chance for them to get inspired and motivated for a spontaneous innovative pitch! 

We are glad to have the Catalyst as a partner of the SDG Solution Space, because it helps everyone easy their social and professional life, in creative and innovative ways!

Arthur: “The campus biotech is a beautiful place with grand glass buildings where great people can be found, working on exciting projects. As the campus consists in multiple teams with different affiliations, the interactions between them seemed limited and it felt like we could do better in terms of community.
This is why, as individuals, we are thriving to organize social events to bring a life to the campus, turning it into a warm, bustling environment. Starting with small events, we are now hoping to facilitate other’s project creation.Amongst other things, improv is a great way to feed multiple birds with one bag. It’s fun, it’s a way to meet people, it’s a good way to be a better team player, be more creative, and better at communicating and presenting. 
Why bring it here? CERN was simply too far for us.We are grateful to have the Catalysts on board and to join this community, knowing their experience with both improv and science, and are looking forward to see where this brings us!

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