Bee Scientist – Day in the Life

Little is known about the day to day lives of scientists. They are often shrouded in mystery and what little information we have only leads to more questions….


Robbie I’Anson Price takes you on a journey into his day to day life as a PhD student studying honey bee behaviour.

Studying bees means that you can say goodbye to your summer plans relaxing on the beach. Honey bee behaviour is best studied during the mostly good summer weather. During this period one must monitor each colony weekly, keep the colonies in good health and prepare them for experimentation, not to mention carry out the experiments!

How does a colony of more than 20,000 bees function without centralised control? How related to each other are the bees in a colony? What happens to a colony if the queen is kidnapped?

Find the answers to all these questions and so many more through this amazing VLOG!

“The bees life is like a magic well: the more you draw from it the more it fills with water”

— Karl von Frisch