Episode 8 – Scorching Error

Gustavo Ruiz Buendia, Ann-Kristin Hov, Kamil Jaron, Enrico Milanese, Michalis Panagiotakis, Jacqueline Tay and Paris Veltsos

Part 1. Body Detective
Cool Paper: Inferring heterozygosity from ancient and low coverage genomes
Kousathanas A, Leuenberger C, Link V, Sell C, Burger J and Wegmann D
Genetics (2017) 205(1): 317-332

Part 2. Hot Rod
Cool Paper: Mitochondria are physiologically maintained at close to 50 °C
Chrétien D1, Bénit P, Ha HH, Keipert S, El-Khoury R, Chang YT, Jastroch M, Jacobs HT, Rustin P and Rak M
PLoS Biology (2018) 25 16(1):e2003992

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