Episode 9 – I Don’t Think We’ll Meet Again

Kamil Jaron, Michalis Panagiotakis, Jacqueline Tay, Sandro Stucki, Paris Veltsos

Part 1. Tiny Hammers
Cool Paper: Nanocarriers for brain specific delivery of anti-retro viral drugs: challenges and achievements
Varghese NM, Venkatachalam S and Saxena SK
J Drug Target (2017)4:1-42

Part 2. Mermaid Murder
Cool Paper: Little evidence for intralocus sexual conflict over the optimal intake of nutrients for life span and reproduction in the black field cricket Teleogryllus commodus
Rapkin J, Archer CR, Grant CE, Jensen K, House CM, Wilson AJ and Hunt J
Evolution (2017) 71:2159–2177

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